2022 Bitcoin Conference

Seamus currently advises and represents well-established and upcoming companies involved in the blockchain technology industry. In particular, Seamus and his firm advise on all aspects surrounding smart contracts, Bitcoin-graphically secure tokens or NFTs, and digital assets. Patrick Prinz is the CEO of Monetix, a technology company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is focused on the Global Digital Economy and the development of efficient financial technology services on a universal permissionless ledger. Monetix is now live in East Africa and innovates in lending products (microfinance/SME loans) and digital cash payment solutions.

  • Rupena, a former Goldman Sachs trader and Morgan Stanley private wealth manager, is the founder of Florida-based Milo.
  • Several Dark-Fi engineers came from Assange DAO, the group that raised $50 million online putatively to donate to Julian Assange’s legal defense.
  • Ahmed Yousif has two decades of experience working in the ICT industry, most of which has been on Digital Transformation products and services for public sector governance and e-Government innovation.
  • He is a renowned public speaker, media commentator, and global ambassador for Bitcoin SV. Jimmy joined nChain and then helped launch Bitcoin Association after a 21-year career as an intellectual property and digital technology lawyer.

He runs an exchange for cryptocurrency to fiat and says he can’t wait to go out of business. Attendance to the event will be by invitation only extended to approximately 350 people. Tickets will cost US$420 and include access to the side events, main event, and an after party pass - please see the event agenda for detailed information. Tickets are by invitation only and cost US$420, including access to the side events, main event, and an after party pass. Organised by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, a global policy leadership alliance, and in partnership with El Salvador's central bank, the conference will run for three days.

John provides strategic and executional direction for EEG's global products and technology. He has held leadership positions at companies behind iconic brands in the AAA video game publishing and online gambling industries. Ian is an engineer by trade and by heart with a passion for creatively building solutions to problems. Before transitioning to consulting for banking and financial markets, he gained thorough career experience in internet audience measurement and capital markets. With his growing knowledge of the blockchain industry and constant creativity to grow into the GameFi sphere, he has an enduring passion for bringing the future of digital currency.

The Worlds Largest Blockchain Exhibitions And Conferences

Iami, US, a key location for blockchain development, played host to the recently-concluded Bitcoin Conference. It had over 35,000 attendees, more than 3,000 companies, over 450 speakers, and 100 artists from across the globe—the largest congregation of pro-Bitcoin people. The agenda of the discussion revolved around the spike in Bitcoin adoption, its Lightning Network being equivalent to stablecoins, and how it could be the perfect hedge to the inflationary fiat, given its limited supply. Arzish is the brain behind Pak-US Tech Exchange, the largest independent tech exchange program connecting Pakistan and Silicon Valley.

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